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PowerBook G4 A1010 repair manual

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Some key features that distinguish this computer from earlier PowerBook models include:
- 17-inch TFT widescreen display in aluminum alloy enclosure
- Built-in Bluetooth
- Built-in AirPort Extreme card
- Added FireWire 800 port
- Uses double-data rate (DDR) memory
- Fiber optic backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor

New Procedures
If you are familiar with taking apart notebook computers, you will notice some differences with this model:
- The keyboard is secured with screws accessible from under the top case.
- Memory cards are easily accessible from the bottom of the computer.
- The AirPort Extreme card is not user replaceable.
- The quantity and types of screws differ from earlier models.

141 pages.

File Size: 4.41Mb.

DOWNLOAD PowerBook G4 A1010 repair manual